Fender bassman100 bass amp w/casters and amp cover

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  1. Fender Bassman 100 bassamp. -
    This amp is 100 watts @4 Ohms -
    1*15" 4 Ohm Fender Special Design Emince speaker
    -Rolling casters -
    Peizo Horn -
    Active/passive inpute pad selector -gain -Bass, treble, paremetric mid control (mid level & frequency)
    -Adjustable compressor -Enhance Switch -Master volume -tuner out jack -Tuner mute with flashing indicator -power amp indicator (dual led red and yellow) -preamp clip indicator
    -Xlr lineout with variable level -
    black texture viyl covering with metel grille
    -64 lbs -24.5" H * 23" W * 12.5" D
    i am starting the pricing at $410 , we can talk though and anyone who wants bass and amp WE CAN MAKE A DEAL
    is is a great sounding amp, great depth and amazing mid and treble, just too much for me.Im sure whoever buys this amplifier will be very pleased with their purchase.
    i also have a fender jbass for sell in the same forum, check it out , its loaded with CUSTOM 60's pickups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!