Fender Bassman300 Tube Head /Pro 410SL Cabinet

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  1. I am selling a Fender Bassman 300 all tube head that is 6 months old. It has been completely retubed with brand new Groove Tubes 3 weeks ago, as one of the power tubes was faulty out of the box and Fender replaced the whole set of 6 at no charge.
    If you want to see specs on this head go to www.fender.com to see all the details.
    300W, all-tube head
    2-channel tube pre-amp
    Split-band compression
    High-/low-compression level controls
    Compressor EG balance
    Selectable 10-band graphic EQ
    EQ in/out switch
    Balanced XLR line output
    1/4" phone line output
    Tuner output
    System mute (tuner only) switch
    Master volume
    Input pad for active or passive instrument
    High and low enhancement
    Mid-notch filter
    Effects loop
    Mix control
    2 speaker output jacks
    Switchable impedance
    It has wicked fat tube tone and with the second overdrive channel you can dial in anything from a gritty overdrive to a full shred distortion sound. I am selling it because it is HEAVY, and more rig than I need right now. It will be shipped in original packaging and I am asking $900 USD for it, Musicians friend sells it for $1200, so you could save yourself $300.
    I also have a 6 month old Fender Pro 410SL 300w bass cab available as well, I am asking $400 for the cab, here are the specs on the cabinet:
    Angled, hand-built cab
    Birch-ply construction
    Black carpet covering
    Heavy-duty hardware
    Metal grille
    4 - 10" U.S.-built, cast-frame Eminence speakers
    Slant baffle directs sound towards the player
    Compression HF horn with attenuator control
    Upgraded heavy-duty 1/4" inputs
    5-way binding posts
    Handles 300 watts continuous/600 watts program
    8-ohm operation
    Please email or PM me with any questions or offers, both of these units are in NEW condition.
    If you're interested, please email me for a shipping estimate on either unit.I am in Western Canada, postal code T8N 3K5 if you want to check shipping rates yourself.
  2. I'll also consider a break on the price if anyone is interested in the set. I have all manuals and original packing for both as well, so shipping should not be a problem, as far as proper packing goes.
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  4. another bump........how about $900 shipped in Canada or the Lower 48 for the Bassman 300 head?