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  1. Happy New Year to all. I live in rural Nova Scotia Canada so a Nation wide music store (Long and McQuade) is about 70 miles from where I am. There is a small "Mom/Pop" music store locally but they do not have any Fender Blacktop Basses (Jazz or Precision) in stock,,so my question is this. Does the Blacktop Jazz Bass have a glossy finish on the back of the neck like a Squier Classic Vibe or is the finish like the one on the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz with a satin finish. I did have a Squier C.V.Jazz and I loved the sound,,quality build,,but I did not like the thick yellowish finish on the back of the neck. I found on the C.V.Jazz that the finish would feel sticky when my hand would sweat. So anyone have some info for me as I am thinking of ordering in a Blacktop Jazz Bass. Thank you Laurie Potter
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    It does have a gloss finish. But NOT as thick and "sticky" as the classic vibe series though. I agree with you. I'm not a fan of the sticky high gloss necks and it doesn't look yellowy. I know have Highway one and Am standard jazzes and I love the satin finishes. But I did really like the deeper jazzy sound you get. I may pick one up again someday.
  3. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.;)
  4. I just bought a Blacktop Jazz on Wednesday! Its luvverly.
  5. Yeah,,the more I read about these the more I want one. Damn there are just so many Fender basses I want to try.:rollno:
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    Take some green Scotch Brite to it. Usually takes a lot of the stickiness and gloss off.
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    The stock finish on the blacktops is glossy, but not bad. A light sanding now and again makes it feel like a satin finish
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    I've heard a little light brushing down with some steel wool will do the job. Anyone try it themselves? I may have to put that to use.
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    I have used 1000 grit sandpaper and it worked very well on a Squier CV. But that finish was a lot stickier than the BT finish. I normally abhor gloss necks but I rather like this one but YMMV.