Fender body... help me to identify where this body was made?

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  1. Hello Talkbass! I'm posting this thread in order to see if some one of you can help me to identify this body... it has a sticker but it's incomplete but at least I know it is fender... but I don't know if there is someone that can identify if it is a squier, fender or what? or if it is Made in Mexico, Usa, etc... and I don't know if with just a couple of pictures if feasible... the body is very heavy but I'm not sure what kind of wood it is, I forgot one picture but the pickguard has a sticker "chandler industries made in USA" I don't know if with the wire routing is possible to identify something and also with the half sticker in the pickups cavity or the holes in the neck cavity. if some one can help I would appreciate it. thanks!

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    HELLonWHEELS Supporting Member

    Jun 13, 2005
    The only identifying factor I recognize is that it's not a string through body, suggesting it's either a squier or MIM precision.
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  3. Malak the Mad

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    If it is a Mexican-made Fender, it's not a recent one. There's no CNC hole under the pickguard, only the pickup and control route.
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  4. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    squier and MIM are not the only bodies that are not string through. older american, AVRI, etc for example. almost everything except recent american standard/professional/deluxe/ultra etc are not string through.
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