fender bxr100 or crate bx100 ?

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  1. hi I can get these amps for 180-200 dlls each . wich is better , i use a MIJ fender jazz bass and play metal .
  2. Jack


    Sep 6, 2003
    Newcastle, UK
    If you want to use these amps in a band setting then I just wouldnt bother, take along your bass and a microwave, much cheaper, lighter and youll be heard just as well over the band. Not to mention you can make snacks during gigs.

    If youre using this for home practice or I suppose if you always have access to a PA system the the Crate is very reliable and sounds quite good. I have not tried the Fender.
  3. ElephantTalk


    Jan 20, 2005
    I have a Fender BXR100.
    It's a great little amp, but it is little for a band environment.
    There is a line-out that can be fed into the PA which could help.

    I've been drowned out in practice by a guy with a Marshall 1/2stack, and I don't play metal.
  4. I use the crate rigth now however its on loan and i want to buy it so I have the security that it is my amp . I dont have a problem being heard because there is only one guitar player and he uses two 30 watt combos . I like to boost my mids a lot therefore I never get crushed in my band . However someone is offering me a fender bxr100 for 180 ,20 dollars cheaper than the crate and i wanted to know wich is more realiable and practical . I dont like a lot of bass in my tone . I like the J bite with a lot of mids .
  5. I own a Fender BXR100, and it does pretty good. It has a decent eq, so you can shape your sound how you want. If you like mids, this amp will actually punch it through ok. If you like a real deep tone, this amp can't compete with a Marshall 1/2 stack (my guitar player also), but the mids seem to do OK. If you're choosing between the two, my advice is the Fender. I've had it for 6 years now, and have even dropped it down the stairs and it still sounds good.

    Bottom line, the BXR100 is a good practice amp and is good for shows where you can run into the PA, but on it's own it can't hold the stage quite as well.