SOLD Fender CIJ/MIJ 70s Precision Neck Maple Loaded

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    Up for sale is a good condition Fender CIJ/MIJ 70s Precision Maple Neck. Maple neck with "C" profile, 1 5/8" nut, and brand new Fender Vintage tuners. This neck was pulled from a Fender Japanese 70s Precision where a previous owner scratched out the "Made in or Crafted in" text. You can still see part of the original O serial number and the PB 70 stamp on the heel. This is a "road worn" neck with player miles on it. Frets are in good condition and truss rod works fine. Wear on the fretboard (pictured) that doesnt affect playability. All wear, dings, and boo boos pictured as best as possible but full disclosure that I may not have captured 100%. Mounting holes were filled in with Plastic Wood as they have been stretched out. Heel has been sanded a bit for the neck to fit snuggly in a MIM pocket. Back of the neck is pretty smooth despite the blemishes. This is a nice solid comfortable P neck with a road worn vintage look. Comes with extra bushings.

    $250 shipped CONUS

    20190804_144246.jpg 20190804_144246.jpg 20190804_144252.jpg 20190804_144256.jpg 20190804_144301.jpg 20190804_144306.jpg 20190804_144319.jpg 20190804_144336.jpg 20190804_144446.jpg 20190804_144451.jpg 20190804_144511.jpg 20190804_144559.jpg 20190804_144614.jpg 20190804_144630.jpg 20190804_144652.jpg 20190916_113826.jpg 20190916_113837.jpg 20190916_113902.jpg 20190916_113914.jpg
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