fender classic 60s jazz bass pickups

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  1. dimitris rigas

    dimitris rigas Commercial User

    Oct 20, 2019
    hi. i own few years now, the MIM classic 60s jazz, model 2018 i think, a great bass.i was thinking a pickup replacement.i dont know what model are the stock pickups right now but they sound nice.i was thinking the original jazz bass pickups or the custom shop 60s.does anyone have experience between these two and the stock picpups?,should i see an improvement?thanks
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  2. dimitris rigas

    dimitris rigas Commercial User

    Oct 20, 2019
  3. vinnydbass


    Feb 4, 2008
    I hated the CS60's. They were not as a aggressive as I like single coils to sound. Especially the bridge pickup, i had to dig in more. Expensive too, for the price range there are better sets out there.

    the Original 60's set are about half the price and sound way better to my ear. They are open sounding, bright and aggressive. These used to be the stock pickups in the Marcus Miller and Geddy Lee models. They sound great in a Jazz bass with 70s spacing.

    The stock pickups are probably fine however and you will notice maybe a slight improvement. If I'm correct, I believe these pickups to be the same that were stock in the roadworn models. If thats the case, they are a good pickup. They are similar to the Original 60s, a little darker. The CS60s are not worth the price IMO.
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  4. markanini


    Jun 25, 2008
    It will be more like a side grade than an upgrade.
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  5. Yeah- I’m in same boat! Classic 60s MIM Jazz bass. Sort of “OK”, but a bit tame on the pickups front. Too “polite” when side-by-side with my Squier P/J with Korean Artec “Fat Pole” pickups. Here it is with the Squier:
    FD626288-844E-4F6A-8217-3398F6FB0DEF.jpeg E2CCDCCA-9626-48A7-A0FC-A1C038732F0A.jpeg

    The stock are at least AlNiCo V pickups from what if’s read, so they should be OK, but…:bored:. Most replacements would be sideways move, but, DiMarzios def would NOT be sideways! :cool: They would eliminate hum, and add output. :bassist:

    I think I’ll play with the pickup heights first, though; the right tweak will make the pickups sound like a new set anyways :bassist::bassist::smug:.