Fender control plate VS Sadowsky control plate??

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    Hey all,

    So, I own a Sadowsky metro MV4 and I want to change the hardware from chrome to black. I want the metal control plate to also match, so I would be buying a new plate, in black, from an aftermarket parts company. My question is: does Sadowsky use the exact same shape and size control plate as, say, a Fender jazz deluxe? Or would a standard 4-hole plate, that would fit perfectly on a Fender, not fit perfectly on my MV4? Also would the potentiometer holes be the same size?

    I know sadowsky has their own particular pick guard shape, but I'm just hoping I don't have to go to too much trouble just for a change of color on the control panel.

    Anyone out there who has knowledge on this?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Arie X

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    Oct 19, 2015
    every mfg has little subtleties in their parts when copying other work. fender has a ton of "subtleties" themselves in the form of some of their stuff not fitting their own basses of different years.

    step one would be to contact the seller of the part you are after and just ask if it will fit your bass and if not, can it be returned?. also on the fender jazz bass, the control plate is part of the ground circuit. not sure if the MV4 is wired the same, but this may be a consideration regarding whatever the aftermarket part is coated with.
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  3. Have you tried contacting Sadowsky and asking if they'd sell you one or do they not make black?
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    This should be in the Sadowsky mega thread.
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