Fender Custom Shop- '55 P-Bass "Time Machine"- NOS

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    The wiring is like that because the 'real' 1951-1955 basses were wired like that from the factory, then in 1956 fender changed it to what we now know as the 'normal' P wiring so you don't loose volume when turning down the tone knob. So all of the CS55 P's are wired the 'goofy' way. Easy to change.

    Thanks on the color. I don't know how many shell pink ones were made, not many, but the CS also made small a few blue, and a couple of green ones too. Of course those were small runs of a special color, while the standard colors were burst, blonde, and black. The first time I saw a pink one was in Hollywood about 3yrs ago and it knocked me out, but it was priced accordingly to Hollywood. I snatched this one up quick from a member here on TB.

    My pickup cover just has a reflection of a lamp or something....

    The vintage P's are great, I also have a 7-1/2 lb '72 sunburst P, and an 8 lb '69 sunburst J. Love the old wood!

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    Amazing that the CS would replicate the original wiring, even tho it ahd apparent drawbacks. Gotta love that.
    Yeah, your Bass is stunning- truthfully I've never seen Shell Pink among their colors, and it probably was one of the "automotive" style finishes I've heard that Old Fender used to toy with. Whatever it's an amzing look It screamss 50's Vintage Vibe, thanks for showing it.

    True to that on the old wood too. It's organic, and just like players do, hopefully we improve with age...
    There are some incredibly awesome bass guitars being produced, just wonderful instruments. There's one fo instance by BassLabs called the Soul, as high-tech as it gets electronically and material-wise, (designed to) look like a J-Bass. I've played one-they are sensational pieces- weigh about 5 lbs!!! Sound big.
    EVERYTHING aside- An older FENDER is something special.
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    May 19, 2007
    Thanks! It's funny that it's the "cheapest" of my basses, and easily my favorite (my wife's, too, although maybe that's because it's the cheapest. ;) )I know the 70's Fenders aren't held in the highest of esteem, but this one just has amazing tone and I love the shape of the neck. It is a boat anchor, though (12 lbs on the bathroom scale).

    Question for the single coil precision bass users - how are they for hum? I've never played one, but always loved how they looked. Are they on par with a Jazz?
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    I don't get it (pic below)!! Why a contour on a '69 Telecaster bass? I
    wonder if just MAYBE this is a '55-56 body with a telecaster neck???
    Check the back photos. This is not a '69 Telecaster Bass body, IMHO.

    Somebody ought to grab this, if it is an old P.

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    Here's my '69 P-Bass- I'm hindered by a poor digital camera, but I think this may give a picture of what this bass is about.

    Wish I had some "before" pix- It was so beat-up- I mean, flat-black SPRAY PAINT! Man! There had to be a story behind that! And the machine heads- while I understand the hooded Fender tuners were actually very good, they did NOT fit a P-Bass, not this one anyway.

    I went for Black hardware-BadAss II, Fender OEM machine heads, string retainer, knobs and P/G.
    The pup is a Duncan "Hot", the strings of choice are GHS Boomer XL's.

    If there is room for one Bass to take with me to umm, the next world, this is it! The Devil,,, I mean the Angels will sure enjoy the tone.
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    Jun 8, 2017
    Be sure your 55 comes with a staggered pole pick. The only year for that pickup if you want it period correct, and it does make a difference in the string balance. I had to special order mine. Just a thought.
  7. 15 years late — but maybe someone else will benefit….:thumbsup:
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