SOLD Fender Custom Shop 60s Jazz Bass Pickups

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    British Columbia
    For sale is a set of used Custom Shop 60s Jazz Bass Pickups by Fender.

    They have been in my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass for months and lightly gigged. They sound fantastic; hot output with a ton of growl.

    Only reason I'm selling them is because I am saving up for a set of Pure Vintage '74 pickups for a more 70s-style tone from my Geddy Lee.

    Shipping can be split if you're in the States. Shipping covered by me if you're in Canada.

    Asking $100 USD. They go for $159.99 plus tax (in CAD anyways). Trying to cover my losses.

    Screws and metal plates included. image1.JPG image2.JPG image3.JPG
  2. SOLD!
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