Fender Custom Shop Ability To Scale

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    Oct 2, 2017
    Regarding the apparent discontinuation of Fender's American Original line, I keep reading on internet forums that Fender might not issue a replacement series, as "these models cut into Custom Shop sales". I encountered the same line of thought when asking why there is no Vintera 60's Precision.

    Regarding the AO series, I think there will be a replacement announced at NAMM, but I am wondering: Is the mentioned line of argument reasonable at all, i.e. does it make sense from a business point of view?

    I believe that the Fender Custom Shop can not be scaled up as easily to increasing demand as it is extremely dependent on highly skilled luthiers with years of experience. Any attempt of scaling up the output of the FCS would also lead to a loss of exclusivity and most probably quality.

    Any thoughts?
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