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Fender Custom Shop Jazz grounding strap question

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Get Uppa, Feb 13, 2019.

  1. Get Uppa

    Get Uppa

    Mar 22, 2011
    I am definitely a greenhorn when it comes to the electronics of the bass.

    I have a Custom Shop 1960 Jazz that I will be swapping pickups in and am wondering if the grounding strap is functional or aesthetic, and whether or not it is necessary to leave it installed. I'm not a big fan of the look but it's not a deal breaker, especially if it is serving a needed purpose.

    If it is mostly aesthetic, then while I have all the guts out what would I be looking for to show and ensure that the bass is properly grounded and that the strap could be removed with no harm to the instrument, or it's sound?

  2. 96tbird

    96tbird PLEASE STAND BY

    It grounds the bridge. You need it. You could remove it but you’ll have to drill a hole under the bridge through to the control cavity and pull a ground wire through. Like most guitars have. Not easy to do at home.

    Fender originally did it this way. I’ve never heard a good explanation why. Especially since the Precision had been made for years before the jazz was debuted and the bridge grounded with a wire through an angled hole to the control cavity. Like most guitars.

    Knowing Leo’s M.O. it has to be because it saved a labor step $$$, and would be hidden by the factory installed bridge cover.

    The reissues are true to the original, so, groundstrap.
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  3. PolkaHero


    Jan 5, 2002
    You definitely need it! My '61 Jazz had a really noticeable buzz after I got it back from being refinished. The buzz was worse with the bridge pickup soloed and went away when I touched the control plate. Turned out the groundstrap solder joint in the pickup cavity was broken which was causing the buzz. I removed the pickup and resoldered the strap to the plate under the pickup and now it's much quieter.
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  4. bucephylus

    bucephylus Supporting Member Commercial User

    Aug 18, 2002
    General Manager TecPadz LLC
  5. BlueTalon

    BlueTalon Happy Cynic

    Mar 20, 2011
    Spokane, Washington
    Endorsing Artist: Turnstyle Switch
    It's functional. But if you replace it with an alternative means of grounding the bridge, then it becomes purely cosmetic. As 96tbird noted, getting that alternative involves some almost-horizontal drilling. If you're replacing the pickups anyway, then now would be a good time to shield the bass if you're so inclined. And since you don't like the look of that strap, now would also be a good time to drill a bridge ground wire channel.
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