No longer available Fender Custom Shop Rumble Bass Amp and 410 Speaker Cabinets

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    These are the original Fender Custom Shop Rumble Amp and Cabinets. There were three different kinds built between 1995 - 1998. A full range 410 with horn, a 410 sub and a 115. The speakers are Eminence.
    From the years 1995 - 1998 there was a total of each made in the following:
    Rumble Amps - 60
    Rumble 410 - 184
    Rumble Subs - 131
    Each of the cabs are 4 ohms.

    Also for sale is the Amp that goes with these cabinets.. as a set it is very very rare! Here is a chance to own some Fender History.. i would not be selling if it weren't for the fact that i am retiring from playing in bands.. It is loud, it is proud and it will be the best sounding live stage rig you have used!

    No Trades, shipping is on the buyer.. i would rather make arrangements to meet and make the transfer or you may come and pick it up..

    Fender2.jpg Rumble Cabinets1.jpg

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    I have a Spector I would trade
  3. DanScott

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    Nov 28, 2007
    Kent, wa
    image.jpeg ..nNordstrand pickups and HAZ 18v circuit, but I'm in Washington state
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  4. Added here is the amp for sale!

    20160904_102919.jpeg 20160904_102903.jpeg
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  5. Had a couple of tire kickers.. that is all so far!
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