Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass

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  1. Does anyone know anything about this bass? I've played it once or twice at Guitar Center and Mars Music and really liked the active electronics over my passive P-Bass Special. Does anyone have any experience or some form of knowledge of this baby? I want to make sure I don't get ripped off before I go out and buy it. If it's a bad deal, what's a better alternative for around the same price range ($538.99)?
  2. Complaints? Fit and finish. The tuners are cheap but the bass stays in tune just fine. I still haven't got the action exactly where I want it but will work on it next week after I make a silk purse out of a sow's ear -

    Pickups and preamp aren't exactly studio-quiet but I ordered a set of Bartolini 9W4s for it (I always check stock before ordering Bartolini hardware - I learned the hard way). I also ordered all gold hardware from Warmoth. A brushed gold pickguard is coming from WD and the stuff should look just amazing on my candy apple red Jazz :D

    Anyway, I like 'em. I hear quality varies a lot between MIM basses but so far, mine's okay. I got mine in near-mint condition off eBay for $370 but it was $400 to me after shipping.

  3. Thanks Allan. That does help a lot, though I'm getting more of a negative perspective on it.
    I was going to buy an Ibanez BTB405QM, but when I was about $80 away, I spent a large sum on the Creed CD and other things...so, being the lazy bum I am, figured I might as well go for my secondary choice.
    Plus, I also decided that since I already own a five stringer, I should buy a four stringer instead. Why have two five string basses right now? Anyhow, I'm not so sure that the Deluxe Active Jazz is for me now...
    Anymore thoughts or comments? Much appreciated.
  4. joel the bass player

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    Nov 27, 2000
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    I have the 5 string version, and even though it has a not so great B string, the sound of the bass is good, and I think that the fit & finish is pretty good. Just try it again and if it does what you need a bass to do and you like it, then buy it. I think they are definately a good deal.

  5. I have a 5 string version and the tuners are quite good.
    I was lucky and found one of the decent MIM's aswell. MIne is an older with the same pickups and electronics (I think) as the MIA ones.
  6. Mike N

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    Jan 28, 2001
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    Ive got the 4 string MIM deluxe,and I like it.The only upgrades Ive made is a Badass 2 bridge and a set of D'Addario slowounds.

    Imo a nice Bass for the $.