SOLD Fender Deluxe Jazz 3B Preamp mounted with knobs

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    This is a three band preamp from a 2015 Fender Jazz Deluxe five string bass made in Mexico. This is the exact same unit that is also in the four string version and is mounted to the universal Fender jazz electronics plate.

    This is the preamp with all the accessories including the battery clip, Jack, and knobs as shown. Does not come with screws.

    The preamp is working great and in great shape. Can be great for a build project or to restore a modded deluxe jazz bass to stock specs.

    Asking $75 or best offer shipped anywhere in the continental United States.


    382F328A-43CE-4447-9D3E-CCC072B54172.jpeg DF375562-50D2-4D9F-AE7A-E320C77BF3A0.jpeg 2F5E66D3-DEDE-4C78-82D2-CA8423B22114.jpeg
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