SOLD Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V (MIM) –MINT condition

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    Mar 24, 2008
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    Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass V (MIM) –MINT condition

    Selling my 2015 Fender Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 string (MIM) in brand new condition. Vintage White with tort p/g. (I have seen it also called “TV Yellow” in some listings) Noiseless pickups. You will not find a scratch, dent ding, etc…could sell as a brand new instrument. (I am almost anal about keeping my equipment looking new)

    Low action with NO buzzes, fret rattles, etc. Everything works perfectly and NO scratches, nicks, or anything to lessen it’s condition. Plays and sounds fantastic. I have 5 Fender Dlx Jazz Basses and this one just is not getting played. 9.1 on my postal scale is great for the MIM Dlx Jazz V. (Many are well over 10 pounds). Will include a gig bag to help pad and protect the finish in shipping. $575 will get this delivered to your door in CONUS.
    P1020129.jpg P1020130.jpg P1020131.jpg P1020132.jpg P1020133.jpg
  2. Man that’s pristine!!
  3. road-cat1

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    Mar 24, 2008
    Mesa, AZ
    And a great player too! Just too many Jazz basses to keep around.
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    Love that color !!! ... these are fantastic basses !!!!!
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    Mar 24, 2008
    Mesa, AZ
    I think so. I have 5 of the Deluxe Jazz Bass V (MIM) and even a USA one. I have red, black, white, sunburst and this antique white (light yellow). Just not playing this one much and want to liquidate some of my less used basses for a new bass purchase (G.A.S.)
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    GAH!!!!!!!:jawdrop::wideyed: This is one of two colors that I'm seeking to buy. What a gorgeous Jazz bass. But alas it's not a vintage Fender which what I'm wanting. GLWTS:thumbsup: