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Fender Deluxe Jazz

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Son of Bovril, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. So I just picked up one of these (4-string)
    I'm busy recording at the moment, can anyone give me any feedback on this bass in studio?I play almost exclusively with my fingers and do a bit of slap (love Marcus Miller's slap tone!) but play heavy rock (see link below)

    I just wanna know if people are moding these or using them standard? How are you setting your active EQ? any advice?

    Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hmmm... there seems to be enough discussion about these, but no one can give me any experienced input?

    Oh, and another question: can you get the slap tone from the marcus miller sig with the deluxe? they both have 18 volt active preamps and the same pickup config...

  3. lefty007


    Jan 19, 2004
    Miami, FL
    I have one. Sounds like 1-million bucks. I don't think many people modify them, because the Deluxes already have top-notch components. What could you possibly change?

    As far as settings, that is highly personal. I use it flat for the most part, with the pickup balance in the middle (both pickup full). When using the bridge pickup only, I boost bass and a little mids (the mids are low-mids, which add plenty of body to the sound).

    I use Ernie Ball Slinky nickel strings, 45-95. Have tried DR Strings, but never get used to the tension, or the brightness. The bass is very bright as it is, and stainless string just accentuate this too much. I think you get instant Marcus Miller from this bass when flat also - or maybe boost highs a little.

    There are no secrets with these basses, really. Just put on a fresh set of your favorite strings and record with the EQ flat.

    Actually I have been doing a "scientific" comparison or bass tasting with all the basses I get, recording the same lines with all the different basses. The Jazz Deluxe has one of the fullest sounds flat, if not the fullest - so, there.

  4. My American Deluxe is very well behaved in the studio. And like Lefty said, I've done no mods - sounded great to me right from the start. As soon as I got it, quickly put my other basses on the bench (at that time, a Genesis V and a Cirrus four string), and it's still my go-to for whatever occassion - gigs with the band, church service, recording.

    For the most part I keep the settings flat, with the pickup balance just a touch toward the neck pickup, and I've been using DR Fatbeams (was using Elixirs prior) and they sound great.
  5. Thanx for the responses guys, thats great to hear that people are using this bass stock standard because I was worried that maybe I should have gotten a passive version and put in an afternarket preamp, but you are right, this bass sounds great just the way it is!

    And it plays beautifully!

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