SOLD Fender Deluxe Zone Bass, 2003 MIM, VGC, active EQ, Fender chainsaw HSC, case candy, LOWER SHIPPING C

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    Since I recently scored a USA G&L Fallout short scale bass, I am continuing my sell-off of 34" basses by offering this 2003 MIM Fender Deluxe Zone bass in Blacker than black. Made for only a few years, this bass is in exceptional condition for being 20 years old (see pics) and is very light, around 8½ pounds with a slim fast neck, 1½" nut width and 22 frets, unlike the Fender standard of 20. The bridge can be strung standard or string through body and you can custom set the string width (score!). Gotoh tuners, hum canceling PJ pickups, active 9 volt 3 band EQ, fretboard treated, truss rod functions as it should, electronics have been Deoxed, she is ready to your next gig right out of the case.
    My tech just gave her a going over and this is his report:
    "Tuners - ferrules tightened, drag set
    Truss rod nut turns without issue
    Frets - leveled, crowned, polished
    Fresh battery installed
    Fret board - 9 1/2" radius, conditioned
    Action - just over 1 mm
    Electronics- cleaned with DeOxit, work as designed."
    Yes, action that low and no buzzing.
    You will not get a better setup anywhere, period.
    There are no chips or gouges in the neck or body including the headstock, really amazing condition for being 20 years old (again, see pics). Also, no fissures in the neck joint which is rare. (Pics)
    Case candy is there as well including the elusive Fender T-handle truss rod wrench (woah!). Schaller StrapLock Buttons are installed but if you want, I will put Fender ones on for you. These came with a gig bag (IKR?!?) but this one will have a Fender chain saw bass Hard case (an SKB chainsaw HSC is $239 alone and a used Fender one is $150 and up on line ).
    Only selling to thin the herd of 34" basses due to a shoulder injury, switching to short scale basses now.

    Price is a reasonable $550 (put that tax refund to work!)
    Local to the Mid-Atlantic area and I am willing to meet halfway within reason. Insured shipping, should it be needed, is now lowered to $50. I do not make money on the shipping. The last few basses I have shipped recently have been over $100 so I am basically splitting the shipping costs with the buyer!!!
    NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING so please don't ask. I accept PayPal or cash only. Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

    From the web:

    The Mexican made Fender Zone bass is essentially the same design as the Fender Precision Bass Lyte, which was manufactured in Japan, except for the addition of a set of custom-wound hum-cancelling P/J pickups and a three-band active EQ powered by a single 9V battery. The J-style bridge unit is a customized version of a pre-2004 Deluxe Active Jazz Bass pickup. On the five-string Zone, it’s a Vintage Noiseless Jazz Bass pickup with solid covers. The Zone replaced the P-Bass Lyte after its discontinuation in late 2000. A five-string version of the Mexican Zone Bass was launched in 2005. Both the American and Mexican Zone basses were discontinued from the Fender pricelist at the end of 2006.


    • Fender


    • Deluxe Series Zone


    • Black


    • 2003 - 2006

    Made In

    • Mexico


    • 4-String Basses

    Body Shape

    • Double Cutaway


    ● Black

    ● String through or Standard w/adjustable spacing


    ● Gotoh

    Fretboard Material

    • Rosewood

    Model Family

    • Fender Zone Bass

    Neck Material

    • Maple

    Number of Strings

    • 4-String

    Offset Body

    • No

    Pickup Configuration

    • Split-Coil / S

    Pickup System

    ● Hum Canceling PJ


    ● 3 band active EQ

    Right / Left Handed

    • Right Handed

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