Fender Dimension Bass - completely dead (RESOLVED! Thanks @vid1900!)

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  1. I just bought a new old stock 2013 Fender American Deluxe Dimension Bass HH V. This is an active-only bass. Was so excited to plug it in. When I did, I got no signal whatsoever. I've confirmed it's not the batteries nor the cable. Opened up the cavity and compared it with an official wiring diagram. Nothing seems to be unplugged, burned out, or loose. Everything seems plugged into the right places. I suppose I'll have to take it to a technician (I certainly don't want to return it), but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas!

    Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 7.11.05 PM.png
  2. vid1900


    Dec 12, 2019
    I'd pull the jack connector off the board first, and make sure that you have conductivity when a 1/4" cable is installed

    Also, make sure you are using a mono cable, not a TRS !!!

    Test a brand new battery and make sure you have 9.4vdc before using
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  3. @vid1900 Dude. You just fixed my bass!!! I knew I had mono cable (I did double check) and I was confident that the cable was getting contact in the jack. BUT I took out the jack anyway just to be able to say I eliminated that as a consideration. When I unscrewed the retaining nut, I noticed they had three of those locking washers on the inside of the jack (???What in the world???) This resulted in it being recessed quite a bit. I plugged the cable in fully and boom. We've got tone! Thank you bass wizard!!!
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    Dec 12, 2019
    That fix was all you.