SOLD Fender Dimension Deluxe AMERICAN made HH IV VIOLIN FINISH

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    Sep 21, 2012
    South Georgia
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    Original case, adjustment tools, and both types of strap locks included!l

    I'm getting to where I'm having trouble playing. I have to let it go.

    Only gig'd with twice. Practiced with at home about 20 times. Kept going back to my '93 G&L, because I didn't want to risk this bass losing its value. I would love to put a higher price on it. And did, for awhile, but I have to sell it. NOW!!!

    My 4 year old grandson said it looked like a fox. So we called it the "Fox Bass."
    Just a little history, there...

    A huge selection of tones from this bass and some of its many features include:
    • 18v preamp
    • "HH" Dimension pickup configuration
    • Incredible 3 band EQ
    • Controls include: Master volume, treble/bass/mid cut/boost
    • Phenomenal pickup selection from five way selector switch
    • Asymmetrical "C" shape maple neck
    • Fender four-saddle Hi-Mass bridge
    • Has brand new set of D'Addario strings installed
    It's like NEW! You owe it to yourself to have one of the first runs, and finest, of this American made Fender bass in your hands!

    The strap shown is a Levy strap. All very soft padded leather. Looks and feels brand new. I ordered it from a bass specific store, but don't recall which one. Since I was, and still am getting older luckily, I wanted the most comfortable strap I could find. I used to play a G&L L2000 and it got heavy by the end of a gig and needed the comfort. It is 3.5" wide x 53" long. I'm 6'5" tall so needed the extra length. I paid a lot for it. I found one online, but it was a smaller strap, being not as wide by 1 inch. See

    The all leather strap is included in the offer and has the straplocks for the Fender bass installed.

    Any questions? Just ask. I'll give any details or further pictures you require!

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  2. Do you want to bother shipping outside of the US?
  3. Soulpmpkin

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    Sep 21, 2012
    South Georgia
    Hi Orlandez,
    I have not yet has the opportunity to ship something overseas. I would definitely have to check into it.

    We live on the coast of Georgia and are about to get hit by Hurricane "Irma." So we are evacuating from its path at the moment.
    If you would be patient enough to let everything get back to normal, I will gladly look in to it then.
    Thank you for your interest,
  4. Hope you will be safe ... take care :thumbsup:
  5. Soulpmpkin

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    Sep 21, 2012
    South Georgia
    Hello Orlandez,
    We made it through hurricane Irma with loss of three big old oaks. None of them fell on the house, so I consider us very lucky.
    I will ship overseas for the asking price. Please let me know. Thanks!