Fender electronics push button knob

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  1. Jojers


    Jun 22, 2016
    041A6619-13CF-4C16-948B-D58B21130CE5.jpeg I had this baby laying in my basement for a while.
    I got it as a trade, and does not have the usual electronics configuration. two jazz pickups.

    It appears that the neck volume knob was swapped for a push button. I believe that it volume controls both pick ups and the sound appears to change when button is pushed to parallel-series... although I’m unsure?

    The small knob appears to be unchanged as the tone.

    The middle one, does not seem to volume control the bridge pick up and iy changes the tone some.

    It is a little late to make a video, I’ll try to upload one tomorrow.

    penny for your thoughts on what is going on here?

    041A6619-13CF-4C16-948B-D58B21130CE5.jpeg A28200D5-7B3A-4FFA-A26D-F5A6B5C3EAAE.jpeg 7D30B6FF-9495-4A8A-A204-04074E362B00.jpeg
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    The volume looks like Fender's S1 switch
    The middle knob might be balance/blend. (unsure if it has two wafers or if that's just a reflection)
    The final one is for treble cut.