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For Sale/Trade Fender Elite Precision w/Jazz Neck, Bound Rosewood /Block Inlays-$895 Shipped! (TRADE INFO ADDED)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Cutter8, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    This is perfect for someone who wants an Elite P/J, but prefers a Jazz-width neck and doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. I saved a bundle by putting this together with new parts that I purchased over time, waiting until I found great deals on each component I needed. All of the parts, without exception, were purchased new, and every part except the neck is authentic Fender (see pics of Fender Certificate of Authenticity and assorted receipts in Post #3) and correct for the American Elite Precision model, as listed below.
    • 2018 Fender American Elite Precision body
    • 2016 Fender American Elite Precision pickguard assembly, consisting of:
      • Fender American Elite Precision Bass Preamp PCB Assy 7708253000
      • Fender Pure Vintage ’63 Dual Coil Neck Pickup
      • Fender Gen4 Noiseless Single Coil Bridge Pickup
      • Fender 6.3 Output Jack
      • Fender Chrome Football Recessed Jack Plate
      • Fender Knurled Aluminum Chrome Control Knobs (2 flat top and 2 stacked)
    • 2019 Fender American Standard Big Block High Mass Vintage Chrome Bridge with Titanium Saddles
    • 2019 Fender American Elite 5-Bolt Contoured Heel Neck Plate with Fender Oval Head Chrome Neck Mounting Screws
    • Fender/Schaller American Series Chrome Locking Strap Buttons
    Every square millimeter of the pickup and control cavities have been fully copper shielded. (See pics of shielding job in Post #2).

    The aftermarket neck, which was purchased from a Canadian company, has a lovely Rosewood fretboard with binding and white pearloid block inlays. I actually purchased necks from three sources and used this one because it was by far the nicest. I don’t know who actually made it, but it is much better than you typically see from a no-name maker. It’s dead straight (checked with a notched luthier’s straight edge) and has very nice fretwork.

    The original width of the neck was just a little wide for the pocket, so I trimmed it down just enough to get a clean, snug fit (0.75mm on each side). I have not sealed the small areas where the wood was exposed in the process. The only flaw on the entire bass is a small finish chip at the very end of the bottom edge of the neck pocket. (See pics in Post #3 showing chip and the areas where the neck was fitted to the pocket.)

    There is a Jazz waterslide decal on the headstock, but it only shows up in a couple of the pics because it was applied after the original batch of photos were taken.

    The bass weighs 9.7lbs on my wife’s digital bathroom scale.

    Get an “American Elite Precision” for well under $1k and, if you decide it’s necessary, you can always put an authentic Fender neck on it when you find a good deal on one, or you can have a neck custom built to your specifications (Note: Musikraft is the one company that offers the full 21-fret necks that fit the American Elite basses—just check the option for “21-fret ‘Elite’ neck with no fretboard overhang”). Personally, I think the neck that’s on it is nice enough that there’s just no need to spend the money on another one, but you can give it some time and decide for yourself.

    $895 shipped CONUS fully insured ($945 shipped in a new Fender molded case shown in Post #3).

    TRADE INTERESTS: The only basses I’m really interested in trading for would be a 34” Alien Audio Constellation 5-string or a 33” Muckelroy HMC-5 (fretted or fretless), and I can add cash as needed to make the deal fair. In order for another trade to be attractive, it would have to be significantly in my favor, as I would be planning to sell the bass I took in trade.

    Thanks for looking!

    *Please note that what look like scratches on the pickguard and battery compartment cover in a couple of spots are actually just scuffs on the protective plastic covering, which has not been removed.

    D511E038-E527-41B3-878E-29E0C9D85B9E.jpeg 4BEDBF70-7A54-4796-AE3D-1B38B8C763F7.jpeg E9D35092-9210-42FD-BF79-79FAB81D52AF.jpeg 3A2A3054-6CFF-44AE-91D3-4F032B13A995.jpeg 26E64F4A-D398-4A0C-85D3-A954BBA5E04A.jpeg B0428B94-AEA3-4959-8506-82CBBB6FCAE7.jpeg F5D5AEFC-91F6-41D8-ACA2-7340BB09FB71.jpeg 9A1AEDFC-7C6C-4938-8542-D3DB33AB807A.jpeg C0ECAE45-CA26-4DAD-BC87-625B101012DB.jpeg 35F18581-692B-414E-92F5-B5F4FC27A1FE.jpeg 5D8CB4D4-5381-4EA1-83F0-D1656D01EF1D.jpeg 754A2D19-353F-4E35-A86E-163C0C0D9A76.jpeg 9FAE8CF0-60F4-4059-8CD6-8F2D5DEA5CE4.jpeg 9B0EBE63-C837-4DBC-BC7F-4D08540748F7.jpeg 094FD5D2-80E6-41EA-B0D8-D663D7BB1CAF.jpeg 1B6BDFA6-1779-46AA-A8F6-1FFFABD98329.jpeg B752E8F6-8F65-4004-A2B2-341FB2EE15D6.jpeg E01D8404-2762-4083-AD38-06AD14B82FCA.jpeg 8D9574C0-CC52-44A7-84DC-1F0231BA92E6.jpeg A1A05276-894F-456F-AAB9-B6913B997624.jpeg
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  2. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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  3. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
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  4. bbh

    bbh Supporting Member

    Sep 27, 2011
    Did the nice shielding job actually improve anything? Just curious.
  5. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    Yes, but everything is relative. It went from very silent to dead silent. I’m sure the change would be noticeable in the studio and be a plus for recording. For a live setting, it was probably plenty quiet before the shielding, even in passive mode.
  6. 707GK


    Jun 13, 2013
    Northern California
    Wow, very nice bass. If only this were posted 8 months ago...
  7. Cutter8

    Cutter8 Admittedly in need of adult supervision... Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2018
    Thanks. I’ve actually got really mixed feelings about letting it go and may decide not to sell it. I’m going to try to make up my mind one way or the other this weekend.
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  8. If I hadn't just bought a bass I'd be all over it, especially because of the jazz neck.
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