SOLD Fender FotoFlame Jazz loaded body - Lightweight!

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    Sep 10, 2009
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    New Jersey
    I picked up this beautiful Foto Flame jazz recently from the TB classifieds so I could use the neck for a build. I'm not sure if that's happening, but if the body sells, it'll force my hand!

    Overall the bass is in really nice shape. Typical top-notch MIJ quality. There's a few dings and dents, but nothing crazy. Just normal cosmetic wear for an older bass. No cracking in the finish. Sounds fantastic. Full bass is a nice comfy weight at 8.7lbs on my luggage scale. Pickups are hot and nasty! Great jazz bass growl on this one.

    Reasonable offers considered.


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    Great looking body, Love the color! GLWTS

    For you prospects, @Corevalay is a great TBer to transact with!
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