Fender Heartfield, Agile Acoustic, & More!

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  1. Here it is:

    1. Fender Heartfield Active 4 string. This bass was originally a fretted, but recently converted to fretless. The person that did it for me did a wonderfull job. Great neck. Very small and fast. Not much cosmetic issues, a ding here, and maybe a ding there. Bridge,Pickups, Battery, everything works great. Was made in 91.

    2.Agile Acoustic 4 string. Great acoustic bass. Smaller than most, but puts out more acoustic sound than top of the line abg's I've played. Only acoustic I would recomend over it would be a Tacoma. Sounds great acoustically, and electric. No cosmetic issues what-so-ever.

    3. Fender DG-11 Acoustic Guitar. Great sounding acoustic guitar. No cosmetic issues except a minor ding on the front. Everything looks and sounds great.

    4. Gorilla 50 watt combo. Not a bad amp for its little size. Great to jamm with some guitarists, and maybe just a drummer? Used it before I got my new amp, which I will be looking to sell once I buy a new one.

    So there it is. I am open to ALL offers. Just run em bye me. Not sure what I'm looking for, so theres a good chance I'll be interested in what your giving. Cash is also accepted. Pics available upon request.

  2. danman


    May 18, 2004
    Philadelphia, PA
    would you consider a 1904 5 string banjo.
    Plays well and still has the original head.
    I would trade straight up for the agile and include a pretty crappy case.

  3. how much cash would you be looking for for the combo and do you have any pics? lastly would you ship to canada?

    edit: i also have a really crappy gu*tar that i can trade if you want somthing to learn on. i have pics if need be.


    bass is not for sale or trade
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  5. Don't worry everyone. It's ALL still available. Contact me about pretty much and offers. Any trade ideas, ANYTHING
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