Fender Highway 1 Jazz Bass

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  1. My local dealer finally got the Hwy 1 Jazz Bass he ordered months ago and I had the opportunity to play it yesterday. If I were a betting man, I'd bet Fender is finding a use for leftover American Standard parts. That isn't a slam...the bass played fine and sounded fine. The only beef I had was a minor cosmetic issue...the rosewood fingerboard was a little bit rough along the edges, perhaps from when the final fretwork was completed. Otherwise, the workmanship was very good. There was a bit more relief in the neck than I like but the tech hadn't set it up yet (because I was hassling him to hand it over!). The tuners appear to be the same as those on the MIM's and the bridge is a vintage style (with lots of grooves in the saddles). All in all it seems to be a decent American made bass for about $650 with a gig bag. Now I need to see a HWY 1 P-Bass...
  2. The bass had the red satin finish. Personally, I don't care for any the satin finishes although the sunburst isn't too bad. At least the bass isn't available in navy blue...they have a navy blue Hwy 1 Strat that that just defines ugly!
  3. Mine is Honey Blonde and I installed a Badass II bridge. I dig it but my Warwick is still the bomb.
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    I wonder how much the Hwy 1's will fetch on the used market as they start popping up there.....

    Anyway, I've played a Hwy 1 P and it was ok, but for the money I could find a used MIA Standard series and imo have a little more Bass for my money(and probably a better resale value too).