SOLD Fender J5 American Standard, 2014 - Excellent Shape

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Shortie, Feb 14, 2016.

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    View attachment 798755 Fender J5 American Standard, 2014 - Excellent Shape:

    Bass has been used only in my home studio - not much fret-ware, one significant ding on top side which I've tried to highlight in a picture (it looks much worse than it really is). It is clean and very well cared for. You can judge from the pics. (The little spots are just dust highlighted by the camera flash.)

    At the moment it is set up nicely with GHS Pressure wounds, which I've found give this bass an awesome sound.

    Comes with OHSC, docs, decals, etc - as pictured. Selling with heavy heart because due to tendonitis and arthritis I've had to move to short scale basses. My loss is your gain.

    Reasonable offers considered. S1150 + S60 shipping. Local Pickup (Brooklyn NY) at no charge.

    Will consider trade for Fender Rascal + some cash, Guild Starfire II orGuild M85 II - which I will add cash for.


    For detail pics see Fender American Standard Jazz Bass 5 2014 Black | Reverb
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