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    Going to part with my Jaco signature F'less as I need to do some upgrades for band equipment. Bass is in good shape, a few nicks and bumps, which I'll show in pics to come. Previous owner installed the pickguard so it does have screw holes in the body. Personally, I think it looks a bit more authentic this way. Nitro finish, light epoxy coating on the finger board. Stock electronics, great feeling neck , does a really nice mwah of course. It comes with the pretty spiffy old school G&G case as well as the bridge ash tray and the original pick guard.

    I'll post better pics in the next day or so, night time here, so no way to get good daylight pics at the moment. In the meantime here's a crappy iphone pic of the bass in the included case. The price is $1100 shipped in the continental US. 0JACO1.jpg

    Detailed pics to follow as soon as I can. Thanks for looking!
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    what kind of strings were used on this bass
  3. She's sporting rounds at the moment, but I would guess she's worn flats most of her life, little to no wear on the board. Will probably be tomorrow before I can get better pics up, and I will include some closeups of the fingerboard. BTW, this ones fairly light,....haven't weighed her, but I would guess under 9 lbs.
  4. Been super busy so no new pics yet,..however, here's a crappy iphone recording with the bass plugged straight into a QSC k12. Both p'ups on full and tone dimed I think. I need to move this as a bass popped up that I "just have to have",....great deal on a really nice fretless here folks.
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    PM sent
  6. Reviving this thread. Had decided to keep it, but needing to do some upgrades on other gear. So,...back on the market.
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