Fender jaguar neck trouble

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  1. So I ordered this bass brand new in October and it's been nothing but trouble ever since. The neck seems to backbow within days of adjusting it. The bass becomes unplayable, and it seems to mute out on the frets, starting at the 12th up and eventually bowing back far enough to mute them all. The tech who keeps setting it up (free of charge as I bought the bass from the store he works in and it's still within it's first year) told me Japanese companies tend to use younger woods, as they don't have access to older trees like North American companies. He said the wood will take some time to settle. Is this true or could I have a lemon? I don't know much about setting up a bass, and everyone tells me how wonderful the jag is for the music we are doing, but I can't seem to win with it. They have an identical bass in the showroom and it plays perfectly. Any thoughts?
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    Oct 31, 2011
    I doubt the whole 'Japanese use younger woods' thing is accurate as a cause. Bring it to a better tech to see if it's a warranty issue. It's a Fender and Fender should stand by their product.
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    What guage of strings are you using?

    And you mean backbow, as in the neck going concave vs convex?

    There is a lifetime warranty from Fender on new purchases. If you're dissatisfied, you can have it assessed and ask for a warranty repair if you bought it new.

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