SOLD Fender Japan Sting Signature Precision, HSC, D-Tuner, Roto Flats

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    This is a 2002-2004 model, according to Fender. (Note: a few weeks ago, there was the same type Sting bass for sale on TB, listed as a "1993-1994 built at the Fujigen plant". It is a very common mistake when someone looks up a Fender Japan serial number and sees the letter Q as representing a '93-'94. However, the catch is that there is a very specific serial number guideline when the words "Crafted In Japan" precede the number. My bass, like the one a few weeks ago, is a "CIJ + Q+6 digits", which is actually 2002-2004.)

    It's been completely gone through, pots cleaned, frets polished, and set up with Rotosound flatwounds. It is a GREAT player! Action is set up as a very comfortable low-medium with the stock 2-saddle bridge. The tuners are vintage-style reverse wind, and the Hipshot Bass Xtender is also reverse wind to match.
    Any questions, please PM me and we can go from there. Thanks!


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