For Sale Fender Jazz Bass 1965 Black (refin) - Original Pre-CBS Parts

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    Endorsing Artist: Dean Markley, Sadowsky Guitars
    New York
    1965 Fender Jazz Bass.

    Mostly original, pre-CBS parts (except the tone capacitor). Black and white
    cloth wires, clay dots, reverse tuners, pots and frets.

    A very old and well-worn body refin, pick-guard and top strap button screw are not original.

    There is a small, hair-line crack at the top of the fingerboard, near the body. It was there when I bought the bass 15 years ago and it hasn’t moved since. It has no effect on the sound, or structure of the instrument, at all.

    At the risk of sounding like a salesman, this is one of those magical sounding and
    playing old Fenders. It has one of the best and perfectly worn necks that I’ve
    ever played.

    I’ve had different expert opinions on whether the headstock paint is original.
    But, as far as the price goes, once the body’s refinished, it’s irrelevant. I
    can’t speak to whether the decal is original. It certainly looks it, but I can’t
    guarantee it.

    I would Love to keep this bass forever, but I’m a longtime Pbass player, and I’m
    tired of insuring it, honestly. It needs to be played. I’ve owned this bass for
    over 15 years and only used it a handful of gigs. Mostly in the studio. It sounds
    amazing live, or on “tape”.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Continental U.S. only. Located in the NYC area. For a faster reply, please email me at [email protected].
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    Sweetness! ;-)
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    Do you still have it ?
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    did this sell