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Fender Jazz Bass American Standard serial number

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Sparkl, May 31, 2012.

  1. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011

    Can some1 please help me with something.

    Today I played the J-Bass Am Stand with a headstock serial number 10008196 (I'm not sure if the 8196 is correct but I'm 1000% positive of the first numbers being 1000).

    Can someone tell me what year is this and whether is it an original USA made or what. The seller couldn't tell me.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Year is 2010.
  3. Sparkl


    Apr 23, 2011
    Thank you very much on this, we thought it's an 2010 so thanks for confirming this :)
  4. rogerb


    Aug 31, 2010
    Ya, the first two are the year so 10. US before it too I think for 2010, so US10XXXXXX.

    Best to post some pictures to see if it is real. Then we can look :)

    It should look exactly like the Fender Am. Standard on the Fender website (since 2008). This model has a bridge that is different from previous models, that might be one of the easiest clues, oh, satin finish on the back of the neck, but probably more just the headstock if it has been played, on mine back of neck is looking pretty shiny after 2 years, but the back of the headstock is satin. The front of the headstock is super glossy. Tuners from the back, are different then other models too, I think, another clue.
  5. The prefix Z is for the decade 2000 (20) and the first two numbers are the year. Z = (2000) and 10 = 2010
    The last 6 digits are the actual serial number
  6. rogerb


    Aug 31, 2010
  7. johnnymcadam


    May 30, 2012
  8. Mexican models have an 'M' prefix then follow the same method so MZ9 would be a 2009 model, 2010 onward uses an 'MX' then the first two numbers represent the year
  9. jim777

    jim777 Tarantula Lobbyist

    Aug 7, 2006
    South Jersey
    No sense opening a new thread for this.... So, I am interested in looking for a new (or used) Am Std Jazz, would I need to see a serial number starting with 14 to ensure it was a 2014 model?

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