Fender Jazz Bass pickups (MIM and 75 reissue)

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  1. 4 string passive sets.

    MIM Jazz pickups, foam on bottom, no mounting screws-$30 shipped

    MIJ 75 reissue pickups, no foam on bottom, come with 8 mounting screws-$70 shipped

    Here are pics of the pickups, in the group of now abandoned Jazz project parts.

    Both sets:

    MIM pickups:

    MIJ 75 reissue pickups:
  2. Price Update:

    Ill do both sets for $75 shipped to the Cont US.

    MIM pickups-$25 shipped

    75 reissue pickups-$60 shipped
  3. xbradx


    Oct 25, 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    pm sent on the '75RI's.
  4. The 75 reissues are sold. Thanks Brad.

    Any takers for the MIM pickups??