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    This is a loaded Fender Jazz Bass Special body from Japan and roughly a 1988. The paint on the body is in pretty good shape, no chips but light dings here and there, mainly on the back. Includes original neckplate. It will need knobs and a bridge, plus a neck of course.Duff Mckagan of GNR uses these since the mid 80s. Its one of the few Fender basses without a pickguard stock. Its loaded with Seymour Duncan Live Wire Pickups. I couldn't find much info online about them but here is what I found from the Seymour Duncan Website:

    "Functions of switches on old-style "Active EQ" bass pickups
    We stopped making the switch pickups ("Active EQ") in the mid-'90s. We replaced them with the Pro-Active? series.
    The little rocker switches on the Active EQ pickups change the sound. Switch #1 shifts the coil resonance. On a Jazz Bass? neck pickup and a P Bass? pickup, the resonance moves downward from 22 KHz to 6.4 KHz. On a Jazz Bass bridge pickup, it move downwards from 17 KHz to 4.9 KHz. The effect is to give a more focused sound with a harder attack. Switch #2 gives a broad band bass boost of 4 dB for the Jazz Bass neck and P Bass pickups, and 5 dB for the Jazz Bass bridge. The switches can be a very effective tool for changing the tonal "character" of your instrument."


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