Fender Jazz Bridge Question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by MoSlevin, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. MoSlevin


    Aug 11, 2007
    So, I bought my '82 MIA jazz about 10 years ago for a ridiculously good price, but over the years I've discovered that some things just don't make sense on it... which might explain why it was such a steal.

    I know the neck, body, and pickups are legit. I've had to replace the pots (they were shot a couple of years ago), and the pickguard went on the day I bought it (the original was white - and had yellowed beyond all reason). The thumbrest is also not original - I had installed this one myself, but it looks like a previous owner had installed one by the bridge pickup at one time or another. The neck plate is 4-screw, while the neck is clearly of the 3-bolt type. It also looks like the body was either refinished at some point, or this is a factory frankenstein - after all, the neck has an s8 serial number - so I guess it's possible. Oh, and I had to have a new nut installed after the original broke off in a playing accident.

    Clearly, it isn't the most original Jazz in the universe, but I at least want to be able to account for anything that's been done to it.

    One thing I've just noticed is the bridge - it's a 7-screw type, and doesn't seem to match the descriptions of anything that would be original equipment...

    Anyways, here's a picture - if anyone can say whether or not this bridge is original, I'd like to know!

  2. bass_fish

    bass_fish Guest

    Oct 26, 2006
    the Netherlands
    transition model perhaps(the whole bass)?

    but that bridge sure looks weird...
  3. Rumblin' Man

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    Apr 27, 2000
    Route 66
    Yeah, the bridge dosn't look like any Fender bridge I've ever seen. In fac,t I've never ever seen a bridge like that on any bass.

    Could it be the front screws were added later to flatten the bridge plate to the body?
  4. mikeswals

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    That is not an original bridge.

    The neck with white binding and dots on a maple board is an 82-83 thing, so that appears original to the bass. But seeing a bullet truss rod says this would have been a 3-bolt neck (as you found out).

    I don't know what to say about the originality of the 4-bolt body. I have a hard time believing it would be a factory frankenbass, because the 80-84 era is the Bill Schultz era where he completely turned around CBS to put out quality built instruments. the 4" pickup spacing sure appears the correct body for that, but maybe the previous owner plugged the neckplate holes during the refin, and redrilled for the 4-bolt setup.
  5. MoSlevin


    Aug 11, 2007
    Thanks for the feedback!

    That bridge *is* pretty strange... it's almost as strange as not noticing it for *10 years*. I noticed it for the first time yesterday when I was looking at Musician's Friend's replacement bridge section, and couldn't find anything like it.

    On another site, I found one replacement bridge that sorta looks like it - it was a generic no-brand "economy bass bridge"...

    As for the neck plate plug - since it wasn't 100% flush/filled you can still tell that at one point it did have a third hole. The plate certainly doesn't look original though (that ibanez-looking black chrome?), and doesn't really fit the rest of the instrument.

    Anyways, thanks again! I'll have to get a BadAss and a real "F" neckplate now ;)