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Fender Jazz Choice

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by groovetool, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. Hi

    Big choice out there at the moment, any one tried the Victor Bailey model? looks intersting! how does it compare to the Deluxe models, the FMT's look cool, then there's the MM sig model, different than the other two I know but still a contender. Some good deals about in Europe with the $ the way it is!

  2. Out of pure luck, I was able to play both a Marcus Miller sig and a Victor Bailey sig in one trip to Sam Ash. Normally, they keeps these "top row" and so you never get to play them, but for some reason, they were easily within reach.

    On the whole, I was very impressed with both basses. The build quality was higher than any other Fender I had played in Sam Ash (and better than the two Fenders I currently own). I'd say that build quality felt basically uniform among the new American Deluxe jazzes (including those two). All felt very nice.

    Sound-wise, the Marcus Miller really nailed Marcus's slap sound, I thought. That's really a big reason why I want one...I want a great slap bass. Fingerstyle, it sounded good too, but on the whole, I'd use it mostly for slapping.

    I'd say the Victor Bailey seemed more like a "well-rounded" bass. It wouldn't give me a Marcus-like slap sound, but I could get great sounds out of it for lots of styles. To me, the Fender electronics gave it a high level of versatility and I liked the tone overall, though that's very subjective. I'd put it as definitely more modern a sound than a passive jazz, but I also haven't heard many other jazz-style pickups to compare it to.

    On the whole, I loved the sound, build, and quality of both basses. At first, Fender's website had the Victor Bailey with a flamed koa top, but now, they've updated the picture as all the Victor Bailey jazzes I've seen have fairly bland-looking plain koa tops. Doesn't look bad, but doesn't look great either. Sounded great, though. I didn't have one to compare it to, but on the whole, I think I liked it more than the "regular" American Deluxes I've played.

    My opinion is: If you're looking to mainly slap, get the MM. If you're looking to do lots of styles, get the American Deluxe or Victor Bailey.

    Sorry if this isn't the most informative, but I hope it helps some.

    -Nick Park
  3. Cheers Nick, good info, more than I expected!
    Your comments on the build quality are encouraging! I'm after a good all rounder so the VB bass would seem to be the better option, another option would be the deluxe with FMT, they are nice basses but a lot of ££ in the UK.
    I don't know what prices are like in the US, but I've been offered a VB bass from a German retailer for about £1000 ($1900) retail in the UK is about £1500 so that would appear to be a good deal. I will probably look at US prices because even with the shipping and the tax we pay it can still work out the better option!


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