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    View attachment 3858561 View attachment 3858564 Selling a set of Fender Jazz Bass pickups. Everything in the photo is included (plus the pickup covers which I just realized I didn't included in the photo because they weren't in this box. I will ship those too, of course! My bad)

    These are pickups I've had laying around after upgrading and don't have a need for.

    *The bridge pickup is from a 2006 MIM 60th Anniversary Fender Standard Jazz Bass.

    *The neck pickup is a Fender Custom Shop '60s Jazz Bass pickup (from the box set in the photo.

    Here's why it's a mixed set:

    I bought that MIM Jazz and decided I hated the staggered poles on the pickups. I purchased the Custom Shop set because they had flat pole pieces (and just assumed they'd be a huge upgrade because of the price). The sound was drastically different and I wasn't in love with it, so I ended up putting the MIM pickup back in the neck position. That's how the bass remained, and I've subsequently sold the whole instrument. Now I'm moving, going through old gear and realizing I don't need this mixed set of jazz bass pickups laying around. The pickups are functional and in working condition.

    Please note the magnet strip on the back of the MIM pickup is cracked and can be pulled off. It's only part of the strip and doesn't seem to be crucial. I imagine it would need two dabs of super glue to take care of it.

    I've only got the foam for one of them and it's split in half. Looks like I had a cardboard strip under the other pickup. If I had the other foam piece, I'd include it :) This is just what I found in the box today.

    For $40 I'll ship to CONUS and I'll eat the shipping cost. Happy to answer any questions.
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