Fender Jazz sound help

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  1. I recently picked up a MIJ 75 RI jazz bass that came with EMG-J pickups and the sound isn't for me. I feel that the EMGs on the Jazz were trebley and can't get the low end and warmth I want. I do like the snap it gives me when I pluck the strings. I was thinking about getting a J-retro anyways so I think the bass boost will give me some low-end back, but I kind of want to do everything right the first time. What pickups add bottom end, warmth, crisp highs? I'm using my jazz as a slap, funk, bebop, misc. jazz, some rock.
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    Apr 4, 2000
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    If you are planning to get a J-Retro anyway, I'd suggest Barts, Lindi Fralins or Aeros. Barts really have warmth and good bottom, but (IMO) need a preamp to become agressive enough for some kinds of music. Lindis and Aeros will get you that classic, vintage sound, and J-Retro would allow them to cover other stuff as well. Just make sure your bass is shielded properly if you opt for single coils.