Fender Jazz versus Precision

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  1. Okay, here it is. I'm after a new bass. I play mostly emo/punk, etc. The thing is, I don't know whether to go for a Fender P or J. I really like the look of the jazz, but which one has the better tone for the music that I play. I'm looking at the American series, and saw P's and J's for £479! I spoke to the shop, and they don't have any J's. I'm wondering if its worth just going for a P bass instead. Also, how different is the sound between the two? I always hear of different tones, but theres never any description.

    Thanks in advance
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    No brainer. Hold out for the J. The P just doesn't have the tonal variation. Unless of course, you can find an American Precision Deluxe. Then it's a toss-up, because the P Deluxe has a bitchen monster J pickup lurking back there near the bridge. That's the best sounding P I've ever played.
  3. I would go with the Jazz. Firstly because the tonal variation is better, as Munjibunga said. If you are after the "P tone" then it can be almost perfectly matched with fiddling with your amp. Plus I think the J is easier to play. IMO P necks are slow and a pain in the ass, wheras the J is fast and easy top move around on. I already have a J so i am bound to be biased, but i would buy one again over the P especially seeing as they are the same price.
  4. do you play with a pick? if not, i would definitely go with the J, because it can be a lot brighter and more cutting than the P. but if you play with a pick, the P should be great too. but really, you can't go wrong with a J.
  5. Yeah, I play with a pick. Does anyone have a picture of a Fender bass in purpley/marroon colour? I spoke to the other branch of where I saw the basses on offer and they have a J in this colour. However it doesn't show the colour on the Fender site, so I was wondering what it looks like.

  6. Sounds like Midnight Wine.. and I'm pretty sure they show it on Fenders website.. hmm let me look.


    There we go :D

    As far as different tones go, the P-bass as I'm sure everyone will tell you :) is very good at what it does, but it doesn't do alot. Precisions that I played had alot of low-mid range growl and has a very distict sound. The jazz on the other hand, has a pair of pickups, which is nice because you can really dial in that low-mid growl by solo'ing a tweaking the controls on your amp, and for the Emo stuff, if you need something to be a bit more mellow but still cut through, you can dial that in too. I honestly like both alot, but it also should be said that I've gotten rid of two basses (My squire P that I upgraded ALOT, and a Kramer) to get my Jazz. Accept no substitutes to the P-Bass though, even the best Jazz bass is not going to sound EXACTLY like it, even with all the bells and whistles in the world.
  7. I got that exact bass, color and all. Its great:D.

    But if you play punk and emo I would say go for the P. The jazz makes a great sound, but I always thought tha the P is a much better punk sounding bass especially with a pick.
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    Exactly! especialy with a Pick the P is the one!:)
    It just feels right.
    Playing a Jazz with a pick just aint right.
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    a jazz bass would growl with a pick. the best one is the one that you like the best. most punk bass players seem to use a p bass. i never go by the mainstream. i always get what i like best.
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    Im gonna have to go ahead and disagree with everyone else here... Im an actual punker (not that some of these other guys aren't) and I swear by P basses. I think they have a better tone than J basses because J basses seem too nasal, and they have a neck thats way too thin. P basses are much more substantial with their string spacing and width at the nut. Also, everyone always says that Precision basses have no tonal variety and are one trick ponies, but who cares. They do their one trick and do it VERY WELL. P Basses have the best sound and feel IMO and I actually prefer their look to the Jazz bass. I think Jazz basses are better for fingerstyle because I dont like their sound with a pick. Well, I guess theres not THAT big of a difference since bass is bass. Your audience certainly cant tell the difference between a J and P, so it all comes down to what neck and body shape you like better.
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    speaking from lots of experience i have played in multiple emo bands and have played both the jazz and the p basses . i would recommend the jazz . i like the tone options better and the pickups. i think it works out better than the p. the p is nice for some stuff but hold out for the j.
  12. I think it comes down to personal preference. I love Jazzes, but I consider myself more of a Precision type. I guess you'll have to try out both and figure out which one suits you best.

    Or you can do like I did and get a PJ. People are always raving about 'getting a jazz sound' with one, but I think PJs are a different animal from the jazz. More P then Jazz, if that makes any sense.
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    i love jazz basses. but honestly i'm partial with P. precision are in my opinion fatter sounding than jazz. on the other hand jazz basses are wider in sounds compared to P. you have to check the neck specs too, they are really different.
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    And still thousands of people do it.