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SOLD Fender Jazz "Vintage 62" AVRI, Stacked Pots, Custom Neck, Authentic Relic

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Josh Thatguy, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser

    This is a 1997 (Feb 28th, '97 according to the neck pocket) Fender American Vintage 62 series with some very authentic details, authentic play wear, and authentic relic'ing of the neck. Electronics and pickups are completely stock, stacked pots, original soldering, brass grounding strip, threaded bridge saddles, and more.
    According to the previous owner, the original neck was cracked when it fell forward off a guitar stand and onto a guitar cab. When I got it, the replacement neck had the truss rod adjustment at the headstock... not a true-to-'62 detail. After researching best-fit necks, I bought an Allparts maple/rosewood for it, because general consensus is that they can be set up for very low action compared to other aftermarket necks which are thicker at the heel. The new neck was supposed to have a nice vintage-nitro tint... instead, it arrived in Oompa-Loompa orange, more pumpkin spice than an actual tint. So, I have since spent hours and hours (and hours) stripping, prepping, sanding, staining, and relic'ing the neck since I got it, including a very high quality waterslide period-correct logo. The decal edges can NOT be seen... I sprayed & sanded coat after coat to get everything level. The tint I have used on the headstock face replicates exactly what a friend's early-'70s P-bass headstock color looks like after decades of real use on the smoky bar circuit. Between the headstock and the stain-over-nitro & sanding on the back of the neck and the carefully-replicated fretboard wear, this bass looks like it has proudly played thousands of bar gigs. The fretboard has ZERO actual wear and the frets are brand new, 100% life remaining.
    The body has a few small dings, natural play wear, and two prior chips repaired on the front, near the top (see body shot). There's no artificial paint scrapes or gouging or anything gimmicky as on some "relics" that are over the top, and the paint has the perfect proportion of authentic-'62 satin appearance. The tuners are the original reverse-wind "tall" tuners and have great natural patina. Likewise, the bridge and the pickguard screws have nice natural patina also. Even the pickguard has the perfect amount of brown tint on the edges to make this thing look like a classic real '62.
    Don't let the visual tinge of barfunk discourage you... the bass has been cleaned and doesn't come with any mystery sticky spots or weird smells.
    Strings are recent Warwick 45-105.
    9.4 pounds on my digital shipping scale.

    I'll ship it in a nice hardshell case and a bass-specific shipping box with lots of padding.

    I'm looking for a realistic $1,200 (PayPal) shipped (U.S. only) OR...
    > A Rickenbacker 4001 or 4003 (or even 4004), high-mileage mojo / reasonable wear is fine
    > A *maple* fretboard American Precision, Deluxe/active is fine, P/J is fine
    > A vintage-ish Precision ('70s), refin is fine, modded is fine
    > A Fender Geddy Lee AMERICAN
    > Esh, German Warwick, other 4 string only... but no G&L or Spector
    --- I have a late-'80s Peavey Dyna-Bass with original hsc I can add as a 2-for-1 for the right '70s P or beyond-ordinary Ric.

    More pictures coming in the daylight Friday when the temperature warms up a bit. My eBay id is joshcop609 , with 10 years and 100% positive feedback including many recent & current sales.

    20180112_000507. 20180112_000703.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2018
  2. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser

    20180112_121544. 20180112_121403. 20180112_121206. 20180112_121300. 20180112_121319. 20180112_121439. 20180112_115859. 20180112_115828. 20180112_121708. 20180112_121419.
  3. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser

    This is the Peavey Dyna-Bass I'll add for the right trade. Plays great, action is set up absolutely slammed llllllow, active electronics and original Super Ferrite pickups. More pix up on request, of course. 20180112_122246.
  4. detroitbasscity

    detroitbasscity Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2017
  5. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser

  6. Josh Thatguy

    Josh Thatguy Registered abUser

    Bump. I'll be deciding on a trade in the next day or two... USPS is closed on Monday the 15th for a for a federal holiday, so that gives me an extra day to decide. If you've been considering this bass, let me know before it's too late!

    I did a setup on it last night and final tweaks on it earlier today. Truss rod is set just right, intonation set, bridge saddles adjusted to match the fretboard radius. I killed almost two hours playing it after the setup was done... It just invites noodling and riffing with the feel of the neck and delicious tones.
    I also cleaned and lubed the pots with DeOxit. There is NO extraneous noise or pot scratchiness when adjusting volumes and tones.

    Here's the hardshell it ships with. One of the latches is missing the clasp, but there are six total latches, and the case is very secure.


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  7. Frampton

    Frampton Supporting Member

    Oct 9, 2010
    Nice bass. Good luck.
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