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    I would strongly recommend a 2001 or later MIM. If you can manage more like $400, you can probably find a MIM 60's Classic Jazz. These, especially the ones built the first year (2001?) are amazingly good quality. I have less warm feelings about the older MIM Standards, however, the MIM Standard Jazzes from 2004 and later seem generally quite good for the money—especially used.

    The bottom line is that the quality of MIM Fenders rose significantly after 2000, IMHO.
  2. klejst


    Oct 5, 2010
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    I know the VM Squier basses get a lot of praise and I am sure they are great basses, however I was asking strictly about the '92 in my OP and what people thought about it.
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    Speaking purely practically, I don't think there's much value in a bass player having access to a 'very wide range of tones'. If you're happy with your P bass then stick to that, but of course if you're curious about a Jazz then there's no harm in giving it a try.

    In the early '90s I had a 1994 USA Jazz and my girlfriend had a 1996 Mex Jazz, neither were good quality examples. I don't think Fender were up to much in the early '90s. Try before you buy.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have messed with some Jazzes and like the slimmer neck and they sounded alright. I have checked out feedback and reviews and common thing I read is noisy pickups and also how the Jazz sometimes does not have that punch or a good sound for loud rock music compared to a Precision. It would not be a problem because I have a Precision, however is the Jazz very versatile for many styles of music?
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    Are they versatile? Look at who's played them. Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, Marcus Miller, Tommy Shannon, John Paul Jones, Sting, Tim Commerford, Adam Clayton, Aston "Family Man" Barrett......
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    Oct 5, 2010
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    True. I was more so referencing to MIM Jazz basses.
  7. < $300.00 for a MIM Standard Jazz, not bad, assuming it's a player.

    If you're a "Fender guy," you probably owe it to yourself to spend some quality time getting to know Leo's second design.

    If you're like me, it will be another useful tool in your bass arsenal.

    If you don't like it, flip it, you'll probably get all or most of your investment back.
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    I found a guy who was selling a 2007 MIM Fender Jazz Standard. Just what I was looking for color wise and rosewood neck. All stock and comes with both Fender chrome pickup and bridge covers, strap, and case for $275. I will post pictures as soon as I take some. Thanks again to those who posted replies.
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    If it's online, how do you know? :confused:

    It's nearly twenty years old.

    Most basses that old, especially cheap ones -- which always seem to be strung with the cheapest, most destructive strings -- are due for a fretjob. IIRC, the MIMs of that vintage used small frets, too.

    Why is it nobody ever pays attention to fretwear? It's make/break. :confused:

    Early MIMs are typically worse than current MIMs. That's not opinion, but data. $300 isn't a great price unless it's near-mint.

    I currently have five or six MIA/MIJ Precisions and three MIA/MIJ Jazzes.

    If it weren't that I was recovering from hand surgery, I'd never play the Jazzes. After nearly forty-five years or so, I still don't get the appeal, except as a bass for guitarists (Leo's original point), or a bass for people who want to play it like a guitar (the typical use they get these days).

    BUT...it's more comfortable to play if you're getting over this. :meh:

    Actually, this thread is a good reminder for me to get my most recent MIA Jazz set up. Haven't messed with it since I got it new a few months ago.
  10. Cool! Good price especially with a case. Can't wait to see pics! :)
  11. paulrider


    Mar 4, 2011
    Check Ebay as they always have Mex Jazz basses for great prices. Remember to always use Esnipe when bidding on Ebay. It's THE only way to go! :bassist:
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    Jul 6, 2006
    Sometimes getting a newer squire is better.
    U can go to a huge Guitar Center and play 5 or 6 new ones and the 7th one will feel purrrr-fect!
    Having Fender in the head looks kinda Pro to some guys, I understand that, but getting a bass u love is most important.
    Plenty of guys remove the "squire" and add a Fender logo!.. if u really care, u can do that, too.
    try the new CLassic Vibe line,
    Try the used one..
    Make a choice!
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    I would agree with you as to your statement about a PBass being a more solid rock platform especially if your looking for a bass that really cuts through the guitars and drums.

    Is the Jazz more versatile? To me it is and it's also more suitable to the music I play these days but it never hurts to have both types especially when you can find very good lower cost Squier's around.
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    IME, adding a series/parallel switch to a Jazz makes all the difference in the world - and will address all of the above concerns quite well... I have a nice old P Bass(a '76), and these days am getting better(for me) results for rock with my pair of Jazzes in series - they have all the thump and punch of my P Bass, yet seem slightly clearer voiced in a band mix... The Jazzes in question are both '08 MIAs - one is a Standard(stock) with only the series/parallel switch added as a push/pull tone pot, the other an FSR Hot Rod with a factory S1 switch and SCN pups...

    I know from past experience that ANY Jazz will work great for rock in series with either DiMarzio Ultra Jazz or Model J pups... The UJ pups in series cop a great RATM tone - like in Bulls On Parade, for example...

    - georgestrings
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    Oct 6, 2011
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    Thanks for the tip George. I've never done mods on my basses. Where did you get the push pull tone pot from?
  16. georgestrings

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    Nov 5, 2005
    IIRC, I got it from Musician's Friend, and it was made by DiMarzio - it wasn't very expensive, either... I'll look into it tomorrow to give a more definiteive answer...

    - georgestrings
  17. +wuntoo
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    Nov 5, 2005
    According to my invoice, it's MF item # 364668000000000...

    - georgestrings
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    Oct 5, 2010
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    Thanks for the tips as well. Below is a couple pics of my new 2007 MIM Fender Jazz. I will probably not play with the bridge and pickup covers on and will take them off. I will say though I will hold on to them and they do make the bass look a bit classy though and cool looking. I'm really happy for getting this bass.


  20. dougjwray


    Jul 20, 2005
    Beautiful bass-- enjoy it! :hyper:

    By the way, experiment with rolling off some or all of the bridge pickup to get more low-mid punch. You really can't get "the" P-Bass punch out of a Jazz Bass, but this helps (and the series/parallel mod does, too). And a Jazz Bass does do things that a P-Bass can't.