No longer available Fender JBR w/upgrades (trade for amp-reduced)

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    Updating thread, reduced to $600 plus shipping, I need a new amp or combo. I currently have strap locks installed, can include original strap buttons with the bass. Ships in Fender branded gigbag.

    Recently purchased from Talkbass on this thread, pic and info is from previous owner. I did not get the original electronics, bass is as described except I put a new set of DR Blues. This bass sounds great, punchy, fast feeling fretboard, very aggressive sound and it was fun on an outdoor gig (really light), it really cuts through.

    Open to trade, need an amp! My current amp kicked it at the gig yesterday.

    This is the thread with more details and pictures
    SOLD - FENDER JBR With Upgrades

    from the previous seller:
    "This is a beautiful Fender JBR jazz bass, made in Japan. This particular is either an 86' or 87'.

    Stock tuners and bridge, modifications include Dimarzio Model J pickups, A Glockenklang 2 band preamp (controls are volume [push pull active passive], pickup blend, bass and treble.) Also an alder ramp installed and crafted by Gary Brawer himself, in San Francisco California. After my tech did a full set up on this bass, he said that the neck profile really reminded him of a fender Geddy lee neck. This this shreds, SUPER fast. This bass is an absolute beast. Incredibly light weight. (7.8 lbs)

    Ships with a Bass southwest gig bag. Ramp is detachable. One good size chunk out of lower horn. The blemish is coated in a clear coat and does not affect the playability whatsoever."

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