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Fender Luthier Question

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by KingOfAmps, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Should there be any question about the placement/positioning of the chrome p/u and bridge covers on a Fender P-Bass??? I took my bass to a highly recommended local luthier to have the covers installed and he wanted to research old photos of Fenders. Wants to spend a week "researching". This seeems quite ridiculous to me. I therefore backed very slowly out the door. Is it me or what?
  2. Bridge covers are pretty cut and dry, no more than a 5 minute job, if you ask me.

    Pick up covers, OTOH can be a little more tough to determine proper placement. A week however, is rediculous. I'd say maybe a day at most.
  3. Chaos,

    Thanks. Do you feel that the p/u cover is more involved because of string interference (vibrating)concerns? Or something else? Though my pickGUARD does NOT have them, I've noticed some pickguards have the holes pre-drilled which would indicated exactly where the cover should be mounted. What do you think?
  4. If you had, or had access to a pickguard with the holes drilled already, it would be a piece of cake.

    I'm considering dropping a pup cover on my P bass, but I think I would just position it to where it looked good, and felt good. That is all that really matters to me. I'm not worried about what Fender says the specs should be.

    You should ask your luthier why he would need a week. He may have a very legit reason, even if it does sound strange right off the bat.
  5. I'd personally cut the guy some slack. It sounds like he's taking a personal interest in something that if done wrong could devalue your instrument. The actual process won't take long and he doesn't need your bass to do the research. That he's being thorough on what you think is simple indicates that he's really likely to think through a more difficult task when you ask him to in the future. I wouldn't do it any in any less time if I didn't already have the information.

    He's cool, I'd use him again based on this...
  6. Hambone,

    I took your advice. Just got it back (took 5 days). And you were right. He turned out simply to be really interested/concientious about getting it exactly right. Even saw him using a pair of dial-calipers (like in a machine shop) taking measurements and marking stuff. Looks really damn good. I think the problem was me and it was this: I had forgotten what good service feels like and failed to recognize it because it's extremely rare nowadays . Thanks.

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