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    I got this in a trade and it just isn't the tone for me, so I'm gonna stick with my '74 AVRI. Some play wear including one chip through the lacquer on the lower bout as pictured. Some rusting in screws and pole pieces. No functional issues. Includes neck pickup cover and an SKB Freedom hard case. $750 via PayPal gets it shipped anywhere CONUS. I'll set it up with the buyer's choice of strings (provided they're available locally) and will polish it up nice and neat before shipping. Moving soon and motivated to sell ASAP.

    As promised, better pictures! Also weighed it on the bathroom scale and it comes in at 10.5 lbs.

    IMG_1875.jpg IMG_1876.jpg IMG_1877.jpg IMG_1878.jpg IMG_1879.jpg IMG_1880.jpg IMG_1881.jpg IMG_1882.jpg IMG_1884.jpg IMG_1885.jpg IMG_1886.jpg
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    Cool! Made in ...? Approximate vintage?
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  3. Made in Japan with an S-led serial number, putting it at '94-'95 according to gui**** Weight to come as well since these are notoriously on the heavier side.
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    I have one and it's a monster this one was made in Japan you can tell because the battery box is on the front. My baby is a 2004-2005 and this one looks to be around the same vintage. I love this bass in either active or passive mode and the preamp is a hidden gem in my opinion it's one of the best things to come out of Fender japan and they are starting to get harder to find.
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  5. As promised, I've taken some better pictures outside today and added them to the original post. I also weighed it on the bathroom scale where it came in at 10.5 lbs.
  6. Moving bills are coming in, dropping the price to $750 to get it sold this week!
  7. Sold offsite!