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For Sale/Trade Fender MIA Deluxe Jazz 5, Steve Harris Precision

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Epitaph04, Sep 24, 2019.

  1. Epitaph04

    Epitaph04 Always overcompensating Supporting Member

    Jul 5, 2010
    Only trades I am interested in:
    -Dingwall 6 string
    -30th anniversary Stingray 5
    -Stingray 5 HH
    -Fender Dimension 5 HH
    -Fender USA Geddy Lee jazz
    -Sadowsky 5 string
    -Mess Walkabout Scout 12”

    All other trade offers will be ignored!


    Fender Steve Bailey Fretless 6: SOLD

    -Solid condition. As you can see, this bass has been used and perhaps even abused (not by me!). Lots of "mojo" on it.
    -Missing pickguard, as pictured
    -Truss rod and preamp all work without issues
    -Weighs approx. 10 lbs.
    -Includes a somewhat beat up soft case
    -This has single coils on it so it will be noisy!

    IMPORTANT/FULL DISCLOSURE: When I received this instrument, it was a bit more beat up than I initially thought. Most significant of all is the issues with the bridge. Most of the adjustment screws on the bridge saddles are either rusted, or stripped. Bridge adjustment doesn't go very low to begin with so I removed most of the saddle screws as best as I could and shimmed the neck. Used a small piece of foil underneath the C string saddle to adjust its height. Action is pretty damn good now for me. Also looks like the nitro finish had a rather severe fix done to it between the pickups. I dont see there being any way to get rid of it as it is rock solid.

    468D8E24-5538-41A0-9EB4-71E12450ECFA.jpeg F41169A3-F414-4FAF-B2E5-C28ADD6A9DEA.jpeg 6225C57D-1D31-4547-9EF3-9A673B4BD506.jpeg 6FCB1200-5D46-4556-A996-BE351E39865C.jpeg


    Fender Deluxe Jazz 5: $1200 Shipped and Paypal’d

    -Weighs approx 10lbs
    -Has a few paint chips and blemishes as seen on pictures.
    -No issues.
    -Will ship in a very beat up but still functional Fender hard case

    C7955E02-63EC-4230-9A5E-8C23D7D6FB80.jpeg B37B3C0A-23FD-4A25-AA4A-7479840A018B.jpeg 22F0BE88-DA72-41AB-ABF8-3B1CFA5B4CC5.jpeg
    Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass: $650 Shipped and Paypal’d

    -Heavy all maple bass. Weighs approx 11+ pounds.
    -Very good condition. Only significant blemish is under pickguard where the truss rod adjustment for the neck is. Only visible after removing pickguard
    -Ships with a Fender soft gigbag

    3D801344-2D74-4005-A30B-F44727ECB3F6.jpeg 22F0BE88-DA72-41AB-ABF8-3B1CFA5B4CC5.jpeg

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  2. top font is in bright white and a little hard to see. just looking out! GLWTS
  3. mvillaflores


    Nov 10, 2019
    Is this still available?

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