Fender MIA Jazz pickguard

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  1. Anyone removed it before? Is there any routing under there besides the pickups?
    Wanna buy one cause I love how they sound and play, but hate pickguards.

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  2. rsautrey

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Mine's a '99 and there's routing on mine. I thought I could lose the pickguard too (oh well!). The new American series was supposed to do away with this but several people say there's additional routing on these too. I don't really know why they do this.
  3. This is sort of interesting. I own 2 MIJ 62 reissues and neither one has routing under the pickguard. One is an '89 and the other is a '96. Perhaps this is indicative of the "reissue" type of bass since the original '62's didn't have routing.

    Now let anyone say that the MIJ's are inferior to the MIA's!:mad:
  4. My newish MIM Jazz has routing under the scratchplate :( but I replaced the white oem with a pearl one before I bought it:) There is a routed channel from the control cavity to the neck p/u and a shallow circular rout that seems to have no purpose whatsoever - until I asked the tech who set it up, who said that it was for locating the bodies on jigs for cutting.
  5. bassmonkeee

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    Sep 13, 2000
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    I have the MIA '75 Jazz reissue, and there is no extra routing under the pickguard. I think Hambone is right that the reissues are accurate in that regard. From what I understand, ALL of the newer Jazz basses since 1996, or so, have the ugly routing. So, if you want a Jazz without routing, seek out a reissue (MIJ, or MIA).