Fender MIA Jazz w/Sadowsky preamp?

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  1. I'm planning on ordering a MIA Jazz, but also have the hopes of installing a Sadowsky Preamp. now normally this wouldn't seem like a problem to me, until i realized that the S-1 switching shares the same pot as the Active/Passive pull switch on the Onboard Preamp. now my question is could the active/passive switch be put on a seperate volume pot as to the s-1 switching, or would the s-1 have to go? also, would it be required to cut out a chunk of the bass to make space for all the electronics as in the Marcus Miller sig? or is that just for decoration? :help:
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    I dont know about the S-1 switching, but you are definitely going to need more room for that onboard. Routing under the pickguard is probably the easiest way to do this. You definitely cannot fit the pre, the pots, wires, and batteries from the Sadowsky pre under a standard Fender control plate without some extra routing somewhere...
  3. maybe a MM style control plate with some extra switches?
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    If you move the input jack to the side of the bass what will leave you with 4 holes to work with on the Control plate:

    -Volume w/S1 switch
    -Blend or 2nd Volume
    -VTC w/Active passive switch
    -Stacked Treble/Bass


    -Volume w/S1 switch
    -Blend or 2nd Volume
    -Bass w/Active passive switch

    You MIGHT be able to fit the battery and preamp in the control cavity but I doubt it. You can route a small cavity under the p/g or on the back of the bass. I HIGHLY recommend you have a qualified tech work on your bass if you fell you're uncertain about something.