fender mij jaguar vs g&l l 2000 tribute

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  1. I cant sleep and have been thinking about what new bass i will be buying. So far these are the only two basses ive found that do both active and passive. They are both also aggressive sounding and have many tonal possibilities. They also go for around the same price, with the jaguar being used. I tend to play punk, post-hardcore, metal (thrash usually), post rock, stoner and doom. So 9/10 i would prefer an aggressive tone, that can get really heavy with fuzz. I also tend to play in standard, the lowest tuning probably drop a for mastodon, but thats rare. I would want an very sturdy bass that can handle being knocked around a little and would last me a while. my budget for a new bass would be 700-800 max. I dont get the chance to go to GC a lot so the reviews online are very important in my decision making. These two basses seem to fit all of my requirements, however if you know about another bass you think would fitgood let me know. I really cant decide between the two.

    I play through a gk mb500 and mbe410, and use a pickle pie b, hardwire reverb, and a flashback delay. just so you can get an idea of what the basses would be used with.
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    That's a little like comparing apples and hand grenades. The Jag may be active, but you're still looking at typical J single coil pickups (with bonus noise). Series mode will definitely help you out, but I think the G&L will get you over the line much easier.

    The G&L MFD pickups have hot output even in passive mode, and Series / Active + Treble Boost is absolutely killer for modern rock tones. Kind of like a poor man's Wal; at least I found I could get some very good Tool tones out of my old L2K.
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    I've had both. I like the G&L much better. It has much less noise and the MFD's are killers.
  4. On MF they have the Tribute in 3 different woods. My current LTD bass is basswood, so my thinking is that its a more commonly used or cheaper wood. I think the Jag is made out of Alder. Would there be a huge difference between the woods and how they sound?

    If I was gonna get the Tribute I would have wanted to get the black one with maple fretboard, but now Im second guessing that.

    Ash body (3 Tone Sunburst)
    Swamp Ash body (Blueburst, Natural Gloss)
    Basswood body (Gloss Black)

    Also from what Ive heard the Jag is super aggressive, but not having played either in person I lack the experience.
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    I'd take an original Jag over a G&L Trib. I'd take a USA G&L over a Jag. I own a USA G&L L2000 and a Jag now.
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    I own both. Jaguar: 1.5" nut width. L2000: 1.75 nut width. Aside from that, yes, they are different, but both play well and sound good. The neck profile is the key difference for me.
  7. is it a big difference, the nut width? I think the nut width on my Ex-104 is 1.57 (40 mm). Im assuming that its just how wide the neck is. Do you think either one could cop the sound of the other?

    Also @lug I think I can agree with you on that
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    I have both. The jag is noisey but, I know there is an awesome sounding bass in there. The l2k is a tribute, the neck feels large at first but gets combfortable quickly. I like the finish on the l2k neck a lot better. The neck on the jag seem alot more stable and holds a set up better just always feels good. Both sound very different, I just started playing again after a 20 yr break so I'm still just tinkering in my house. I find it diffucult to see how the l2k tone will fit into a band situation, something seems odd about the tone. I havn't shielded the jag yet but I think it is going to be the better sounding instrument if it quiets down a bit. My jag is olympic white and about as close to perfect as anything i have owned, I feel bad putting fingerprints on it so it stays cased and the l2k is the go to beater.

    Sorry to babble, it is late
  9. hey babble away, just more info for me to tinker with! I had heard the same thing about the L2000's tones, theres a lot of them but not all of them may work in a band setting. Im sure someone could argue that though. I at least hope someone does because there are a lot more L2000's out there used than Jags.

    thanks for the response! its really appreciated
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    my jag.
    Active circuit would be killer if it was quieter, much better than the l2k which I never play active.

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    ... That sported a gorgeous matching headstock.

    Than, stayin' active/passive: think about a Fender Reggie Hamilton (MIM), which is a Jazz with an american series split coil in neck position and Hipshot BT2 bass extender already onboard.
    Even an old Ken Smith Design Proto Jazz (MIK) can work: a heavy weight active/passive Jazz Bass with B/T circuit (I upgraded electronics and put a Hipshot BT7 bass extender on: now them both Fender Reggie Hamilton and Ken Smith Design play a full step downtuned thrash metal tunes for me:))

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    as usual i can only bass the suggestion on my own experience, the jag i played ruled and through my mesa tube head it was amazing(high output, playability, many sounds, great craftsmanship), the tribute i experienced didn't even bother plugging in, it was so buzzy it could have been one of the basses that accidentally got through quality control, my bass teacher has a vintage l2000 and that thing is amazing, so maybe go that route and pick one up that is cosmetically less than perfect
  13. so i think im leaning twoards a jag, but i still cant really decide. Thanks for the link to the reggie hamilton, so at least theres another bass in the ring. I hope your opinions keep coming in!
  14. saristi


    Feb 7, 2008
    I have a tribute l2500 and a US l2000 with k switching (series, parallel, single coil). I got the US recently and I think the single coil option really opened the bass. To my ears, both pickups in single coil sound very very close to a jazz bass (so maybe close to a jag) and you still have the series and parallel options which are really cool for rock. So I suggest you getting the tribute and add the single coil option. There is a lot of info on TB about how to make this mod on a L2000. Hope this help!
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    Everyone on TB tells you what they want, not what you want (ever notice that?). ;)

    From the OP I can tell you straight up you wouldn't want the MIJ Jaguar, as it's so easy to damage those fiddly slide switches you wouldn't believe it.

    If you're playing rough music, go simple and go rugged.
  16. that's true! I know Im guilty of that : ]

    I think ive dropped my LTD bass around 3-4 times in the two years Ive had it, and its got some wounds. But it still plays like the day I got it.

    Are the switches on the G&L sturdier than on the Jag? I know im getting anal but, I probably wont have money to buy a better bass than either of these two for years. It would be nice to not have to settle.
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    I don't know as I've never serviced nor owned that model, but I do know that the controls on the Jaguar are extremely vulnerable even without being especially reckless with the instrument. Lot of beefs about them here and they're not making it up. A lot of people have re-mounted the switches to sit way down in the plates, but that's not really enough, as a straight-on bump will kill them. There's just too much crap sticking out on them for a gigging bass for my money. Too much stuff to get bumped and snagged. I have one of these, BTW, so I'm speaking from some experience.

    If you're playing a rough tour, the bass to end all is the immortal SLO EBMM S.U.B.

    It's the closest to a literally indestructible bass ever made, and no, I'm not kidding. They go for about the kind of money you're talking here, if you can find one.
  18. Yea I just wanna make sure the bass can make it through anything that may happen to it.

    Are you talking about the newer Music Man SUB series?
  19. DanHibiki


    Apr 16, 2008
    I just think that the new Fender Jaguar with the crazy pickup spacing looks odd. I would look for the old one with the 70s Jazz spacing.

    Well, actually I would look for the G&L but that's because I love the L series :)
  20. Hey sorry I didnt see this

    afaik they still have the 70's jazz spacing. I hope fender didnt change that on the new line of them!

    Note: Yea I guess the pups are wider for the 2012's!