SOLD Fender MIJ Seafoam Green P bass body Nitro

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    Nov 13, 2009
    Fender Japan 1994 P bass body. I believe the body is alder. I originally had this body routed to a PJ but the guitar shop did a very poor job and I never fully liked the sound of it. I then routed the jazz position for a musicman pickup.

    Body was finished with all Reranch nitro products before I routed for the musicman pickup. Body has some small dings and scratches. There is a some chipping in the corners of the musicman route and I did my best to route out the bit of overlap from the jazz being a hair longer than the pickup. There is a little bit of chipping underneath the neck plate, caused by the pressure of the screws (very common for nitro). It is fully covered by the next plate there is no flaking off or stability beyond the original chips.

    Body only and not loaded.
    From my bedroom scale measurement it weights 4ib 14 oz

    $230 Shipped

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