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  1. 01RXHEEL


    Aug 25, 2009
    I was considering buying a Mike Dirnt P-bass but don't know much about them (ie, weight, sound, etc). Does anyone have any experience with this bass? I'm looking for a P-bass and have considered the Duck Dunn, MIM P-bass, 50's re-issue p-bass, 62 re-issue p-bass, etc. Any suggestions?

  2. EricF

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Pasadena, CA
    The Dirnts I've played have been heavy, and I didn't love the shape of the neck (that's a personal preference thing). I'm also not the biggest fan of the '58RI Custom Shop pup. It's definitely a P sound, but it strikes me as sounding a bit anemic. I have heard more than one story about people having problems with the Dirnt necks warping. I don't know if this continues to be an issue with the Dirnt model or not. As a complete package, I don't dig the Dirnt sig very much.

    As is typical of Fender, weights can cary widely. I built a parts-bass with a Dirnt body and 51RI neck that I absolutely LOVE. The body is one of the lightest I've ever come across (just barely over 4 lbs).

    Lakland's basses (I assume you're looking at the Skyline series) are top-notch instruments and are a step above the others you listed (except maybe the '62RI). If you like the size of a J neck, the Duck Dunn is a great call. If you prefer a P neck, go with the Bob Glaub.

    Of the Fenders you listed, I'd probably go with the '62RI. The Amer Vintage RI series instruments are quite excellent.

    As for which one is right for you, only you can decide that. It really all comes down to personal preference.