SOLD Fender MIM 2020 Precision neck, maple, loaded

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    Mint condition Fender Genuine Replacement Precision neck, stamped February 2020 at the Ensenada factory. Maple fretboard. I bought this from Stratosphere a couple months back, installed new MIM Player tuners and a new genuine Fender string retainer. 1.625" at the nut. Two to three hours play time, at most. Asking $250 shipped CONUS. PayPal only, please. Thanks!

    IMG_3886.jpg IMG_3887.jpg IMG_3888.jpg IMG_3889.jpg IMG_3890.jpg
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    Aug 25, 2014
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    What frets does it have? Medium-Jumbo or Narrow-Tall?
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    They're definitely medium-jumbo. Same frets as the MIM Standard rosewood Precision neck that I have for sale.
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